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MSR Bytes: Experience Design

Join Grant and Spencer as they discuss the Marriott Student Review article “Experience Design: What Is It and How Can It Benefit You?” by Melissa Brown. Grant and Spencer delve into the world of experience design as they talk about… Continue Reading →

The Intern Episode

On this week’s episode, join Spencer and Grant as they talk to BYU students about their internship process, the internships they got, and the ones they didn’t. From having to calculate how many golf balls fit in an airplane, to… Continue Reading →

Carrie Moore on Interfaith Perspectives and Charity

Join Carrie Moore, an adjunct professor and newsroom manager for the Daily Universe, and Spencer McWilliams as they discuss Carrie’s experience in the interfaith community and her non-profit organization “The Bradley Center for Grieving Children and Families.” For more information… Continue Reading →

Shelli Spotts on Finding Your Creative Voice

Join Shelli Spotts, a writing instructor at BYU, and Grant Fraizer as they discuss how creativity is involved in all aspects of life. Professor Spotts shares her experience with writing creative nonfiction and how we can find our own creative… Continue Reading →

Grant Frazier and Spencer McWilliams on the Future of Measuring Success Right

Join Grant Frazier and Spencer McWilliams, the new co-hosts of Measuring Success Right, as they get to know each other and lay out some of the exciting projects in store for the podcast’s future. If you want to listen to… Continue Reading →

Noelani Kamalu on Team Building

Noelani Kamalu is a crew member of the Hokule’a. Kamalu sailed across the ocean with a trusted crew and shares some life lessons that were learned on this legendary voyage. Noelani also mentions a TED talk that she presented at… Continue Reading →

Robert Smith on Radio, Storytelling and Economics

Join Robert Smith, co-host of NPR’s Planet Money podcast, and Grant Frazier for a wide-ranging discussion about Smith’s life. Smith shares his expertise in making economics interesting, explains Planet Money’s creative process, and discusses the current state of the world of podcasting…. Continue Reading →

Diego Calderon on his Experience as an International Student

Join Diego Calderon and Spencer McWilliams as they discuss Diego’s journey to BYU from Peru, his passion for journalism and his experience as an international student. Diego is also the team lead for the Spanish podcast “Las Caras del Exito”… Continue Reading →

Dan Burton on Continuous Learning

Join Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst, and Hunter Muse as they discuss some of the insights Dan has developed during his career.

Dianna Douglas on Producing a Podcast

Interested in starting a podcast? Join Dianna Douglas and Grant Frazier as they discuss Dianna’s incredible career and her recent ventures in podcasting.

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