January 6 – Aaron Merrell (Producer of the Book of Mormon videos) on Making and Taking Opportunities

Have a dream that seems impossible? Join Aaron Merrell and Andrea Cabrera as they discuss Aaron’s path to achieving his dream of being a producer. They talk about the lessons he has learned during his life and career in Hollywood and recent work with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

January 13 – Efosa Ojomo (Coauthor of The Prosperity Paradox) on Innovative Entrepreneurship

Interested in solving poverty? Join Efosa Ojomo and Hunter Muse as they discuss The Prosperity Paradox – a book authored by Clayton Christensen, Efosa Ojomo, and Karen Dillon about solving poverty through innovative entrepreneurship.   

January 20 – Jane Clayson Johnson (Journalist, Author, and Mother) on Overcoming Depression

Ever dealt with depression and felt alone or weak? Join Jane Clayson Johnson (award-winning journalist for her work at CBS, ABC, and NPR; best-selling author of I Am a Mother and Silent Souls Weeping; and an incredible mother) as she talks about her encounter with depression and how others with depression shouldn’t feel flawed or trapped.