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Simon Cantarero on Success through Hardships

Join Simon Cantarero, an attorney and adjunct professor at the J. Ruben Clark Law School, and Grant Frazier as they discuss Simon’s background and his journey to law. Simon also touches on some legal pitfalls for start up companies and… Continue Reading →

Dr. Marianna Richardson on Vision and Balance

Join Dr. Marianna Richardson and Jake Conlin as they discuss how people of all backgrounds can foster an environment of inclusion, how universities can promote experiential learning, how individuals can balance secular and spiritual pursuits, and how we can better… Continue Reading →

Dr. Mark Keith on Academic Success in Information Systems

Interested in information systems or curious about what it is? Join Dr. Mark Keith, an associate professor of Information Systems at BYU, and Abbie Anderson as they discuss the basics of the major as well as Dr. Keith’s decision to… Continue Reading →

Matthew Jennejohn on Creating Space for Creation

Ever considered law school? Join Professor Matthew Jennejohn of the J. Rueben Clark Law School and Jake Conlin as they discuss the importance of developing laws and regulations that allow and encourage creativity.

Tanner Holle and Sam Sherman on Business Partnerships

Interested in starting a business with a friend? Join Tanner Holle and Sam Sherman as they share their story of starting Amber Candles. They share how they manage their time as masters students and business owners as well as how… Continue Reading →

Dr. Bruce Money on Negotiations and Marketing

Needing some tips on negotiations? Join Dr. Bruce Money, the BYU Fred Meyer Professor of Marketing and International Business and Executive Director, and Spencer McWilliams as they discuss the skill of negotiations as well as marketing and how it is… Continue Reading →

Dr. Shaun McAlmont and Bridging Generation Gaps

Dr. Shaun McAlmont and Andrew Allen discuss some of the rapid changes in education and how students can help shape the future by sharing how they want to learn. Both the older generation and the younger generation can learn from… Continue Reading →

Corry Cropper on Understanding Culture

Interested in international business? Join Dr. Corry Cropper (Professor of French at Brigham Young University) and Ryan Pinkney as they discuss the value of establishing trust and understanding cultures while interacting internationally.

John Bingham on Ethics in Business

Join Kylan Rutherford and John Bingham (BYU Professor and Department Chair of Management) as they discuss management techniques to foster ethical workplace environments. John shares his experience of transitioning into academia.

Carson McCracken on the Business Career Center

Join Carson McCracken and Lilli Vehikite as they discuss Carson’s experience working at the Business Career Center. Carson shares some of the insights he has gained as he has worked with recruiters.

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